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Florida Hypnosis Courses

Professional Hypnotherapist Certification

in Sarasota, Florida 2016 - 2017

Accelerate, expand, develop, and monetize your new career in the field of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Certification provided by The American Board of Hypnotherapy, accreditation by Tad James.

Course taught by Dr. Janice Coleman CHt. Certified Instructor of The American Board of Hypnotherapy.

This program will provide valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to propel you and your clients to achieve greater success and living an increased quality of life.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to enhance motivation, change unconscious thoughts and behavior patterns, and create unlimited opportunities (i.e., peak performance, leadership, productivity, smoking cessation, weight loss, stress and pain management, better relationships, manifesting any goal/desire, etc.).

In this program, you will quickly become competent and possess the core knowledge of the fundamental hypnotic processes to obtain certification by The American Board of Hypnotherapy(ABH). Ideal for health care professionals, such as: counselors, social workers, nurses and private individuals to become a certified hypnotist. However, anyone who has a 

strong desire to help people and make the course commitments will be considered for registration into the program.

After successful completion of all course work, the examinations, and 35 hours of hands-on practicum, you will receive your ABH certification and first year’s ABH membership. You will then be a nationally recognized “Certified Hypnotist”.

Register for 2017 Certification - limited availability!

Basic Hypnosis Course Level 1: just $797.00 includes basic hypnosis skills for behavior modification only, such as smoking cessation and weight loss. (16 class hours, 10 practicum hours, and completing a take home examination.


Level 1-Basic Hypnosis Training (1 Weekend) $797.00

To be announced 2017 Saturday and Sunday (1 weekend)

  • Introduction to Hypnosis
  • The History of Hypnosis
  • Science of hypnosis
  • Suggestibility assessments
  • Somnambulistic hypnotic state
  • Stages of hypnosis
  • Suggestion management
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Depth levels of hypnosis
  • Anesthesia management
  • Scripts for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management
  • Observe Hypnotic sessions and practice with classmates

Course materials provided with hypnosis scripts in a manual, value $245.00

Conducting 10 hypnosis sessions

Level 1 exam

“I learned a lot from Dr. Coleman’s hypnosis and NLP classes. She is very flexible and has a wonderful heart. Thanks again Janice!” Leonard Garges - Hypnotist

Advanced Hypnosis Course: Graduates will have the skills necessary to assist clients in dealing with personal and emotional issues, such as insomnia, anxiety, depression. (16 class hours, 25 additional practicum hours, and completion of advanced certification exam.

Advanced Hypnosis Level 2 (1 Weekend) $797.00

To be announced 2017 Saturday and Sunday (1 weekend)

  • Review of Hypnosis
  • Behavioral assessment & Goal setting Reinforcement
  • Image Psychology & Hypnosis
  • First Session With A Client
  • Assisting clients in dealing with emotional issues (e.g. anxiety, depression)
  • Client follow-up sessions
  • Self-Hypnosis scripts
  • Behavior modeling
  • Client reinforcement and Encouragement
  • Image psychology and hypnosis
  • Client practice sessions
  • Creating a successful practice
  • Conducting Group Sessions
  • Scientific evidence of clinical hypnosis
  • Research studies of hypnosis
  • Marketing strategies to attract more clients

Course materials provided with hypnosis scripts in a manual, value $225.00

Conducting 15 hypnosis sessions in a supervised practice

Level 2 exam

TOTAL only: $1594

A 10% discount: only $1434 if you pay in full for both courses!

Membership and Certification fee $95 (optional)

Congratulations, You are now a professional, practicing hypnotist.

How to Register: 10% discount for payment in full for Basic and Advanced Courses. Credit cards, cash and checks accepted. Class size is extremely limited- Hurry!

Level 1 and 2 Class

Both hypnosis classes - save 10%

Price: $1,434.00

Level 1 Class

Hypnosis class

Price: $797.00


NLP class

Price: $595.00

Level 1 and 2 Class
Level 1 Class
NLP Class

Call Dr. Coleman today to register and sign up at 941-356-5506.

Instructor- Dr. Janice R. Coleman, CHt. (certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and American Board of Hypnotherapy trainer) will teach the Professional Hypnotist Certification Program.

Dr. Coleman has over 22 years experience as a practitioner, educator, and teacher-trainer. She has trained numerous hypnotists and owned her own hypnosis center.

Receipt of your tuition deposit or full payment will reserve your training materials and space in the course. For course descriptions, go to .

“This is a great class for anyone who wants to use hypnosis as a career or self-hypnosis. Hands on practicum gives students confidence in using the learned techniques. Dr. Coleman is a natural when it comes to hypnosis.” Kimberly Friedman - Nurse

NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) Facilitator Course


Prerequisite: Levels 1 and 2 Hypnosis

Starting January 7-8, 2017

NLP is a system of alternative therapy which educates people in self-awareness and effective communication to permanently change negative mental and emotional behaviors. The co-founders, sociologist Richard Bandler and linguist, John Grinder, defined NLP as "the connection between between neurological brain functioning (neuro), language (linguistic)and learned behavior patterns (programming)."NLP facilitators and hypnotherapists using NLP on their clients could treat phobias, anxiety, depression, bad habits and learning disorders in a short time compared to years of psychotherapy.

In Dr. Coleman's NLP course, students will learn to evaluate language patterns and communication styles to get excellent rapport with associates and clients. These improved

communication skills will help students achieve their personal and career goals. This course is an important prerequisite for self-growth and success in relationships and in any walk of life. Successful students will receive an NLP Facilitator designation through the American Board of NLP.

Course Outline: Psycho-linguistics and Language Neurology. Major Tenants of Psycho-Linguistics (NLP), Exercises in Rapport Building, How You Can Enhance Your Verbal Communication, The Importance of Therapeutic Ethics, The Ecology of Communication,

Techniques for Altered States, and Practice of Ten Useful Techniques for Change.

Also included, how to enhance one's career in any field, including an hypnosis practice using NLP skills. 

Requirements: Practicum of 10 NLP Sessions

                        Open Book Test

Customized Programs Available to Fit Your Clients Needs

For more information,contact Dr. Janice Coleman 941-356-5506.